Belvidere History:
Did you know?

What do you want to call it?

Some say it was "Hoops" in honor of Major Hoops. Up until 1777 it had been called "Greenwich on the Delaware." It then changed in honor of General Mercer, who died at Princeton January 12, 1777. Major Hoops had the north side of the Pequest laid out in town lots and called it Mercer.

It has been told that Robert Morris, financier of the Revolution and signer of the Declaration of Independence, named the town as Belvidere.

The first settler of Belvidere was Robert Patterson who built a double log cabin on the property purchased from the Penn's.

General George Washington, two aides and a Moravian Bishop Ettwien traveled thru Belvidere on July 26, 10 AM, 1782 when they camped at Morristown.

Hotel Belvidere Circa 1907

Greenwich Street towards Water Street

Belvidere Downtown